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Green FAQs and Tips

Q: I have a leaky faucet. How much does that leaky faucet cost me in a year?

A: One drop of water per second from a leaky faucet wastes 25 L of water a day. That amounts to 9,000 L a year.

TIP: Add an aerator or water-flow reducer attachment.


Q: What is the difference in water usage between a bath and a shower, and will a low-flow shower head really help?

A: A standard shower head uses 100 L of water during a 5-minute shower. A low-flow shower head uses 35 L of water for that same 5-minute shower.

TIP: Every person's bath is different. The next time you draw a bath, measure and record the water level in the tub. Then when you take a shower, put the plug in the bathtub drain while showering and measure the water level in the tub. The difference will probably astound you.

If you really want to save: Get in the shower and get wet, turn off the water while you soap up, then turn the water back on to rinse off.


Q: I think my toilet tank is leaking water into the bowl. How can I find out for sure?

A: Add food coloring to the collection tank and see if the colored water flows into the commode without flushing.

TIP: Repair or replace your toilet if possible.


Q: Will turning the water off while I brush my teeth really save costs?

A: Yes.

TIP: When washing your hands, save money by shutting off the water while you lather with soap.


Q: In a house, which room uses the most water – perhaps the kitchen?

A: No, the kitchen uses only about 10% of the water supply in our homes. The bathroom, though, uses up to 75%. The toilet uses 40% more water than it needs to.

TIP 1: Don't let the water run while you wash your hands or while washing dishes. Turn the water off while preparing vegetables and fruits for washing.

TIP 2: Low-flush toilets use approximately 6 liters less water with every flush. To save water, try one of these:

  • Install a low-flush toilet, if possible.
  • Place a toilet insert in your tank.
  • Fill a jug with water and place it inside your tank to reduce water usage.

TIP 3: A good general household guideline is to turn off all your taps tightly to avoid leaks. Go throughout your home and check every faucet for leaks and drips, and repair or replace where necessary. Talk to a plumber about repairs; they may pay for themselves in water savings.

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